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EDIT: The post has been deleted at SEW, here's a deadlink to the original: http:/***/

Outstanding. Truly, outstanding.

A first time poster at SEW Forums just posted in the looong 1p/TP thread citing the entire "article" about how TP have been visciously attacked by unmoderated forums and blogs by blog and forum owners attempting to steal TP's business.

It's a killer read: Looks like a 17yr old wrote it. Either that or a TP employee...

On the Website You Can Submit Articles
..and it looks like someone at TP may have done just that. I cant imagine any genuine journalist, even one working for a tatty little local newspaper like the "las vegas tribune" writing so badly and with so much clear bias and self interest shining through.

Does this rag even have a hard copy distribution? - looks like some kids website to me..

When will these guys give in with this stuff? - It's just so transparent...


I was going to go to bed....

..but now I want to see what Aaron Wall has to say, the website says the "journalist" telephoned him and Morgan Carey.

Even for Traffic Power this is Pathetic...

The Las Vegas Tribune article states how the people saying negative things about Traffic Power are competitors, which is a complete lie. Many of the negative statements about Traffic Power come from customers who have got ripped off by Traffic Power.

Interviewed by the Las Vegas Tribune
Peter Romano, the writer of this article interviewed me. I made him aware of the dissatisfied customers at Traffic Power Sucks.

Traffic Power Sucks: Honest Answers about Traffic Power
I even told our writer that I tried to offer the owners of Traffic Power Sucks a copy of my ebook for review, but they refused to partner with any SEO in any way.

They did not want anyone to claim that they (or other SEOs) are financially profiting from the Traffic Power Sucks site.

Las Vegas Tribune: Lacking Credibility
Our journalist lied to me multipe times AND called my house looking for Edward Lewis. Although I directly refered him to the Traffic Power Sucks site he never contacted them or refused to write about it. Why?

I also explained to him how Traffic Power was so inept that they got their own site banned from Google.

Las Vegas Tribune: Home of the Paid Editorial
Clearly this "journalist" was not interested in writing an honest unbiased article and wanted to write an article that he was getting paid to write. Who do you think paid him to write it? Bet Traffic Power knows.

Please link to this page with Las Vegas Tribune in the link text to help let the world know about the quality of that "paper."

looks like some kid's website!

The Las Vegas Tribune would appear to have been around quite some time, and to have quite a colourful history, particularly of late

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

This brings up a good question

I read the article and it was biased that was obvious,
but how does a person sort through all of the garbage
on the web to get to the gold that is out there? I am
new to all of this web stuff, not a SEO but I am trying
to learn, but it seems that everywhere you look these days
everyone has their viewpoint and how to you sort through
it all?

Las Vegas Tribune

that is the goal of the garbage Traffic Power put up a huge smokescreen to make it confusing to the average person not savy to the ways of the web..

they can lie all they want, but many many people have called or emailed me about Traffic Power services, and Traffic Power even cold called me.

so far things I know of them which makes me think they are sketchy

  • they cold called me trying to promote a site I am ashamed to own.
  • they cold called multiple friends of mine.
  • multiple people have left comments in my blog about their services.
  • I have received numorous emails / calls about their services
  • they have been bashed in many forums. happens to some companies, but few are bashed in SO MANY forums.
  • the Better Business Beauro had many complaints.
  • Traffic Power had an impending class action lawsuit.
  • A guy who called me told me about how he got his money back only after threatening a chargeback.
  • there are a bunch of fake forums that promote their services and bash all other SEOs. -- even for them that is a bit stupid.
  • I spoke with the guy who wrote that article. he flat out lied to me multiple times and did not check out the resources I refered to him.

Aaron, when did they call you

Aaron, when did they call you? They claim in their article that they called me, but there was no message for me while I was in Stockholm last week, nor anytime before that.

Also, notice there are no other articles by that "journalist" on the Web? At least nothing that Google can find.

Las Vegas Tribune

they called me like a month or so ago. I told him how to contact you easily and I told him about traffic power sucks...not even an attempt at a legit article as far as I can see.

WMW will be in Vegas. I wonder if the potatoes from TP will be there. perhaps it will also be a chance to check out the credibility of the Las Vegas Tribune "paper"

Faux Paper = Rag?

>>credibility of the Las Vegas Tribune "paper"

I have some dim memory about this "paper" and it's legitimacy being questioned at WmW within the last Year. Seems like it was considered didgy then too. Can't tell you more than that.

Credibilty of News Sites

To address Karyn's question about credibility of sources, there are lots of things that you can look at.

For a news site, there should be a transparency to the site - you should be able to see that there is an actual news organization behind their efforts.

There should be a number of ways to communicate with them - in case you have news, or need to ask for a correction, or want to provide any other type of feedback.

There should also be a clear business model in place - and a lack of a business model might lead one to believe that the "articles" themselves are what finances the paper.

While there doesn't necessarily have to be a code of ethics for reporters listed, there should be some that they follow, such as avoiding conflicts of interest and making appropriate disclaimers when necessary, and noting when they are stating a opinion or speculating on a topic instead of reporting it as a fact.

Some warning signs I saw when looking at the Las Vegas Tribune site:

  • No privacy policy or terms of service links or pages.
  • No way to contact the newspaper other than through a single email address. There's no street address, nor a telephone number listed at all.
  • No "about us" or corporate history page on the site.
  • No editor listed on the pages, nor a way to contact the editor directly to question about the content of articles.
  • No verifiable credentials of reporters, which could add to the credibility of the pages.
  • No advertising on the news pages, nor a way to contact the newspaper to advertise. On the Tribune site, there are empty blocks where advertising might fit, but no advertisements. What is their business model?
  • No staff, or very few staff members? Most of the articles listed seem to come from sources other than the Herald, which might make one wonder whether there's much of a staff working for the paper.
  • No information about the weekly physical paper, such as where it is available, how to subscribe, and so on?
  • Not much history, and what there is doesn't look tremendous. Checking links to the paper, and about the paper, results in less information than I would expect, and some less than kind commentary on the paper.

There's very little on the Tribune site to make readers believe that they are worthy of trust, experts on what they write about, an actual news organization, or that they are reporting from an unbiased perspective.

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