ThreadWatch - Six Months Old!

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It doesn't seem fair to put this in bollocks really - but I thought it was worth mentioning that Nicks baby (the online one) is now six months old - in fact 26 weeks and 1 day.

So according to a search on what a six month old should be doing it should

* Have doubled birth weight
* Prefer more complex stimulation
* Enjoy hearing own voice
* Be able to hold own bottle

(best to not mention the increased drooling and playing peekabo I think)

All of which seem pretty accurate and I reckon ThreadWatch has had an exemplary first six months Nick, the tantrums and throwing toys out of the pram all seem to have come from elsewhere.

Congratulations and here's to the next six, cheers :D


Way to go Nick

My account says I've been a member for 25 weeks and a day. Sounds about right.

I say we send Nick something once it hits a year. Maybe a cruise line ship anchor with some text on it :)


Well done mate.
Heres to the next 6 years

Cheers mate.

And oh yeah, look at the ad on this one: Potty training in 3 Days. Don't you just love these bollocks type threads - LOL


At least it's ontopic :P

that young?

heh. i was thinking this site had been around for years and i just 'discovered' it ;)

Don't get me wrong...

Love the site, love Nick too [in a man's way] but;

"Let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet, gentlemen."


you must go to some fun parties NFFC, I was just gonna give Nick a quick kiss on the cheek and buy him a drink, but each to his own :)


congrats Nick!

Congrats man.

It's come a long ways already. Keep up the good work.


Time sure flies. You've done well, Nick.


Thanks gurtie, and everyone....

Ya know, there is now way, whatsoever, to say what i need to say without sounding like a dick, but im going to do it anyway: It aint just me! what makes this place useful is the membership, and barely a day goes by when i dont brag to ivana about who just posted what i think alot of the bloggers that also read here miss that - they dont get the crossover between blog and forum..

And yeah, i hope i dont go to any of NFFC's parties either! It's just a bit of a landmark, that's all mate, no need to worry....


Nice work Nick!

Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same adsense ads as me but they made me smile "Potty Training in 3 Days - Potty Training Secrets That Work Say Good Bye To Diapers Forever" :)

Congrats Nick

here's to many more months/years ahead.


Amazing. I thought TW had been here forever.... feels like it! Great job, nick and everyone....


Congrats and gratitude from Canada!


Onya Nick!


Yep - good work fella

Good job!

You've come a long way with the site here Nick. Cudos.

NFFC, you crack me up and you certainly know your movie quotes, hehehe.

well done

.. 79 pages of threads, and 57 pages of registered users, and two slashdottings (that i know of) in six months - that's definitely not your average new site.

User math: ((57 * 20) / 6) / 30 =~ 6 new registered users per day on average, even on the quiet days. That's one every four hours, which is pretty dang good for a "new" site that doesn't have a mega-corp advertising budget or brand name.

Thread math: ((79 * 25) / 6) / 30 =~ 11 new threads published per day on average, even on quiet days. One every two hours or so around the clock. And that's only those that have survived Nicks critical eye - a pretty high average, even if it was your average newspaper site.

So, two new threads equal one new registered user - that's a 50% conversion rate. Even that is a high number. All in all very impressive!


Let's hope TW makes a nice, cuddly, friendly toddler and doesn't skip that stage and go right into stroppy teenager mode :O)

"huh, that's *so* unfair .. I *hate* you! *pout*"

..actually..some of the threads lately .. ;O)

Congratulations Nick, loving manly hugs from Yorkshire :O)

Good Job!

I love this place. Cheers mate, from Cincy, Ohio.

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