The Future of Content and Advertising

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The Rise of the Consumer-Generated Media Machine
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Mediapost are running a fun article on Rafat Ali's site, and his vision of content and advertising...

Rafat's a great chap, i've not had the pleasure but i've been a fan for a little while and he's even started to link to us here at TW now and again which is cool :)

The thrust of the article is on user generated content and the concept of micro content. None of it is particularly new to most of the TW crowd i suspect, we've long talked about the long tail of user gen'd content, way before the long tail was given a name, but it's interesting becuase it's now filtering into the mainstream. You can blame/credit blogs, yet again....

The upending of the long-familiar paradigm, in which consumers drool at the laps of corpulent, ad-laden content-casters, is just about dead; a new citizen-centric media, a sort of me-to-you "minimedia," will soon rule. That's the vision of the youthful brigade driving this movement. And for now, the wind is definitely at their back.

It's weird, but when you read someones website a LOT, you do tend to think you know them, and i can imagine that that article made Rafat chuckle more than a litttle bit.....