Google the Content Company & Cluttered Results

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Google, Yahoo and the Search Engine Catfight
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Om is at it again with observations on what he see's as the "Search engine cat fight" - hey Om, this has been happening for a while ya know...

What interested me in his post, were the oberservations on Google and Yahoo and content.

Google added financial quotes as a feature to its offerings with much of a fuss, indicating that its going to take a shot at Yahoo’s content plays. Perhaps, but there are couple of things I would like to note - adding all that stuff at the top of the page, is antithesis of what Google once stood for - elegant simplicity. It is getting cluttered. And I speak purely as a consumer, someone who marveled at company’s unfettered devotion to minimalism - function over form. Keeping the home page clutter free is one thing, but its the results page which is beginning to feel like downtown Bombay during rush hour.

I wrote about Google's portalization last week and the cluttering of SERPS don't bother me quite as much as they seem to Om, but i think he has a fair point - Google's play to become a content destination, if that's what it is, is not sitting well with users.

Yahoo gets content, Google doesn’t. Its as simple as that.

Yep, that's pretty simple, and pretty much spot on but you can't rule out which im sure will happen in some form or another soon - it's only a guess of course, but i find it tough to imagine that Google will stop at inserting links at the top of Search results....