Yahoo! News to Revamp, Personalization and RSS

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Inside Yahoo News:
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After a few false starts it appears that Yahoo! News will relaunch this week with a new design that incorporate RSS in a big way as part of it's personalization efforts.

Later, Yahoo News product manager Jeff Birkeland gave me a tour of the redesign -- forget the building. A new "toggle" feature lets you view the top headlines from each news source under each category (Business, Entertainment, Sports, etc.). But one tab was titled "My Sources," and that was the magic tab, bringing up your selection of RSS feeds, automatically populated by your RSS feeds chosen from My Yahoo, if you kept a My Yahoo page.

Suddenly, Yahoo News was more than just a collection of licensed content from established news sources -- it was every news source and Weblog that had an RSS feed. Personalization had landed at the front door of Yahoo News, after making such a huge splash at the front door of Yahoo itself.

Mark Glaser, who wrote the piece quoted above gives an indepth account of his tour of Y! News and it's a worthy read. He says that the redesign is somewhat similar to how Yahoo! News Asia is today...