Yahoo Japan Sued over Auction Scams

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Touch of class
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In what's being billed as the first class action suit against an online auction setup in Japan, a group of 572 people are suing Yahoo Auctions for about $1,000,000 over not receiving goods they'd payed for on the service.

"Yahoo continued to let things happen while knowing about the fraud," Mizuno told AFP.

The group has taken the case to Nagoya District Court, demanding a total of 115.6 million yen (one million dollars) in damages.

"Yahoo holds an obligation as a broker to help execute deals smoothly," said Yoshiaki Suzuki, a lawyer for the plaintiffs.



I don't know anything about Japanese law and the case in question but it looks like, in general, search engines have to learn a new word: Liability.

Way too long big websites has done things that would never be accepted off-line. It will change. It's got to do with legality and liability.


I wonder sometimes when I use XML to put a supplier's content entirely on my site who is liable for the service provided - me or the company providing the service, terms and conditions etc.

The customer signs up to their policy, but on my site.

ebay reaction?

Ebay must be monitoring this one closely because a lot of their users are frustrated over the same problem.

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