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A new search engine search4usa has appeared and is giving all the money raised to charities helping US troops and seemingly sending them boots! - I thought this was Bush and Rumsfeld's job!

The difference is that at Search4USA, a majority of the net advertising proceeds Search4USA receives are donated to the Boots4Troops program. When you use the comprehensive Search4USA search resource, you gain one click access to search and advertising results from the best search providers on the Internet--which benefit our soldiers.

It is interesting that I did this search and it was all UK ads. They also have a toolbar which can be downloaded.

I wasn't sure whether to post this in Search or Bollocks.



Seems like a rather cynical grab at publicity to launch a search engine to me, andy idea who's providing the sponosored and free results?

Sorry All

Thanks Martin.


ads are adsense
results are ask jeeves

thought 50% of each tax dollar going towards war and interest on war debt was enough, but I was wrong. now I can also search for troops... yippie

on a side note my boots while I was in the military were legendary ;)

the "4" in both names

- suggest to me that they are related. Both sounds like utter BS to me, but YMMV of course. Perhaps i'm wrong - it could just be plain stupid bandwaggon marketing as well.

Btw. i agree with eurotrash here - too few boots in the US millitary? So, they have to be donated? That does not sound right...

PR release on the wires

What they have to say about themselves

Search4USA has officially released to help people support the U.S. troops simply by searching the web.

If you believe that you'll believe anything

and the scary thing is

It'll probably work as a marketing ploy.

Don't suggest they try it in the Uk though....

bridges for sale on ebay

I guess a bridges for sale category on ebay is not far behind.

Imagine the affiliate commission on that one!

Just for laughs, I see that smartbuyscom, ewosscom and overstockcom are ahead of ebay on "brooklyn bridge" in adwords when plugged into google.

Hmm, time to talk to Spitzer about that one. Truth in advertising and all that. I really wanted to buy it, I clicked on the link and they never had one for sale! Not even one!


Well, gosh, the single largest "bridge for sale" laugher happened 20+ years ago - when a silly little non-town on a silly little "desert reservoir" in Arizona bought the London Bridge....


You are right about the Spitzer comment. It is just the sort of thing he would pick up on - it would give him a lot of publicity. I think he is running for Mayor of NY this year also.

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