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Yahoo tests hotel search
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Last month Yahoo updated it's travel site FareChase adding a bunch of new features. Today we learn that they've now added hotel search beta to the mix.

Yahoo began testing a hotel search site, as part of a travel service it launched last year. The FareChase travel service, which so far has offered airline searches, will now include a test version of hotel search and the ability to make reservations online, the company said Monday. Consumers can customize their search by price or distance from a specified location and get a list of hotels within that area. User ratings, reviews, interactive maps and other information will also be available, Yahoo said.


when I see expedia etc

when I see expedia etc doing a little SEO I know it is going to be tough to stay above them in the serps. Bit when the Search Engines themselves start doing comparison travel and hotel searching I know the ride is going to end.


a part of me hates this - there are too many big boys out there squeezing out the little guys and all we can do is smile sweetly and submit clients feeds and pay their agency rates while sticking pins in voodoo dolls.

But there is another part of me who (sorry about this guys) actually quite likes the idea that the old fashioned offline brand marketing is likely to become a more important way of getting site visitors again - it tends to convert better, it isn't totally full of bargain hunters and there's much more leeway for small companies to really compete and gain their own foothold which they can never afford to do against the big boys online.



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