Web Spam & Organized Crime?

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Tracking Down a Comment Spammer
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Anil Dash of SixApart points out this PC World story about tracking down a comment spammer and finding Russian organized crime at the end of the trail...

The hunt was convoluted to say the least, and it's worth mentioning that there is no proof whatsoever (as far as i can read) that this stories conclusion is correct, and that Borris Greenberg, who has a federal warrant out for his arrest in the US over child p0rn, is indeed responsible for spamming PC World.

Having said that, it all stinks a bit, and show's an increasing vigour from bloggers to investigate those spamming their websites.

When you think about the implications, the words smear campaign and competitors spring almost immediately to mind and don't bode well for companies falling foul of reputation targeting.

NB: Don't read this wrong, im not defending this Borris chap ok? Just pointing out that the 'evidence' is shaky at best...


Anil Dash

Is a fucking intellectual pygmy, imho.

In a similar way to the kevin bacon game everything can be tracked back to somewhere, sometimes to the Mafia but more often to the lack of nous expressed by writer/geek/New Yorker's living in San Francisco type fuckwits.


Starting from the assumption that everything in the article is true (a shaky point at best), it's really a case of organized crime using a new tool. Not case of a blog spammer turned mafia kingpin.

Big surprise

Did anyone think that some dickshop 3 man operation making 20k/day wasn't going to get noticed by the "Mafiya" in Russia? Next thing you know there's 30 brilliant people working around the clock to multiply that effort into something serious. There are major resources (intelectual) there if you have some capital to start.


Yes, I'm an intellectual pygmy. Also, I'm not half as fucking charming as you.


>Also, I'm not half as fucking charming as you.

Ain't that the troof!

Instead of enrolling for charm school maybe it would be a better use of your time to educate bloggers in their responsibilities. Just saying.


It is pretty obvious though that organised crime would want to get into an area where profits are so easy to make with the right knowledge, manpower and enough investment. Not sure how this is a big revelation or any different to their pr0n, prostitution, gambling, pirate software, music and movie activities - let's face it they are involved in anything where there is a buck to be made? This has the advantage that in most cases they can be dodgy without actually breaking the law and have guns pointed at them!

I would be more shocked if it was found that there were NOT any gangsters in the game!

You know...

I don't get mad often, I much prefer the getting even angle, but I'm caught up in a rage re: this spin, that is in danger of getting out of control. Forgive me if this topic gets bumped at some point in the future.


I dunno, NF, there were some pretty organized characters in London last September. And I think WITS3 should be raided, don't you?


Well I'm about 300km North of Moscow if any Mafia types are looking to invest...

Does anyone know of a forum/noticeboard for this?

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