Vertical Search Becoming Crowded

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Tech News World
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eCommerce Times are reporting that with all the recent movements in vertical search it is quickly becoming crowded although it admits that many analysts believe that it is the 'next massive opportunity'.

An interesting quote from Greg Sterling is:

Greg Sterling, managing editor of the Kelsey Group, said startups are aiming for vertical segments because it would be "naive" to attempt to go head-to-head with the massive search engines.

"There are a few verticals that matter," he added, citing travel, shopping, local and classified-style categories such as jobs, cars and real estate. "But consumers want ease of use, simplicity and efficiency."

Charline Li gives, in my opinion, a more balanced view:

"The Google and Yahoo brands have powerful significance in overall search, but new brands may stake a claim on expertise in vertical segments," Li said. If they do, the larger companies might find it easier to acquire those tools rather than to start from scratch.