Dispersed Citation is PageRank for the real world via @portentint


Ian Lurie has a very interesting article on how Google may put all their efforts together to create a new smart search engine:

With Google+ at the center, Google's building out an infrastructure to drive dispersed citation to all corners of the internet: PublisherRank combined with local business review quantity and velocity could provide a more complete picture. They could combine AuthorRank with YouTube views and view depth to introduce another video ranking factor.

What do you think?


you beat me to it!

I was actually planning on posting this on TW! LOL...its a great article, and I think he could be right on a lot of things. I loved the fact that he made a distiction between Google+ being a platform and not a network.


Thanks guys - flattered to make it on Threadwatch :)

Very well deserved, Ian! You

Very well deserved, Ian! You are always welcome to share stuff on TW btw ;)

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