Google got authorship wrong in Google image search!


Well Google have made a move to authorship in image search and quite frankly it looks like they have made a dogs breakfast of it. .

I wonder if standard authorship can be fooled so easily?


Text authorship has a lot of

Text authorship has a lot of bugs as well... That's probably one of the reasons why they keep saying they are not using it as a ranking factor. A few weeks ago, I changed my display name to "by Ann Smarty" at epochtimes - that ended up showing "by Ann Smarty" in the header of the home page (drop-down). That attributed ALL articles to me :) - so far, very easy to game!

Google News has similar bugs

Google News has similar bugs with images. Google will pull images not from the article (if it has one) it is featuring but from some, frankly, random website.

happening a lot

This is happening a lot lately. @jstatad (Tad Miller) pointed out yesterday that I was showing up for an image of his kids! Weird> 

Another valid point and

Another valid point and discussion here: Wait, how does Google Authorship for Images help photographers?

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