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A new tool for monitoring Adsense campaigns from the desktop is causing excitement amongst web dev forum members. The tool has apparently patched a reported security hole and now provides secure real-time graphing and analytic reporting for your Adsense campaigns.

You can see some of the screenshots here, download a trial here and purchase for $50 here. They've even thought far enough ahead to offer an affiliate program.

As i've not got my Win XP box yet, i'll have to leave it for others to review but from the screenshots i'd say it could be very useful for a lot of pro adsense publishers...

UPDATE: I took out the webmasterworld link, it seems they have it "on hold" - lord forbid you should actually want to link to anything over there....


WMW Forum link on this..

"This discussion is temporarily on hold ". Guess they didn't like the link.


Whats the issue?

I am not a big AdSense fan, and currently not a partner, but what is the big deal here. Why is it causing a stir?

Is it really any more than Excel with prettier graphs?

I currently monitor AdSense by downloading stats from Google onto Excel spread sheet and producing graphs for myself off that.

First off, this just appears to do the same job automatically and gives prettier graphs.

Dunno what G would feel about automatic checks running every 5 minutes!

Anyone feel that it tells you anything you didn't know already?

Just a figure of speach mikkel..

In this context i just mean that it's causing some conversation and excitement...

A bit expensive

Although it seems to be functionality well designed, at $50, it seems a tad expensive.


It is not causing that much excitement;unique?login=revenuet

Google "permission" ?

What I would like to know is how Google views this. That might explain WMW going dark on the thread.

$50 and then it gets shut off by Google tomorrow? Or will it get proxied? And of course, does that man-in-the-middle violate AdSense TOS (the service has access to everyone's earnings, right?)

Lots of interesting questions...

$50 is not expensive

A software developer would probably say it's not expensive. $50 to do your job easier every day. That should be considered a bargain. Anyways, it is currently available for as little as $30.

They have expenses like anyone else. In this case, there is the payout to their reseller, payouts to affiliates, hosting and support at a minimum.

Let's say he nets half. And he worked how long to get it right? And he's going to have to spend how much longer to work out the bugs? If two months have been invested in writing this, that would be 350 hours or so. Say $7000 opportunity cost. He has to sell around 300 copies just to break even on his time to release, never mind ongoing costs.

And of course, does that man-in-the-middle violate AdSense TOS (the service has access to everyone's earnings, right?)

It means, that developers of this software or no one else has access to your account or any other to this program or your account related information.

I went over the site carefully, the above quote seems to refute any suggestion that there is any third party involvement. The sofware probably uses the internet components that are used in common with IE, so becomes no more than the use of an automated browser. The question of refresh rate is up to the user and google.

The downside I see to the software is that it requires the .NET framework which weighs in at 30MB.


I meant to mention that the traffic doesn't seem too bad considering that his whois record says that the site could not have been up before March 5/2005.


I'm always interested in new metrics there a delay in the results? Or is it pretty much real time?

Tried the Software and Posted an Interview with Creator

I saw a long thread about this software on Digital Point forums a few days ago and tried out the demo. I found looking at CPC and visual graphs really made me rethink some of my Adsense ad pages. I love tweaking and seeing the results pretty quick by following the stats. BTW, I don't know about other people here, but I stink at Excel (reminds me of working in a corporate office, too - Yuck).

I wrote more on my experience with the software and an interview I did with Joe Jarosciak, the guy behind it in Cash Keywords' blog.

Really, for a pretty new site with a niche product, I don't think 200 visitors a day is too shabby.

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