How to still monitor search referral traffic in a not-provided era


Buffer has published a good summary of what search marketers can still do to still monitor the page search referral stats.

  • Track pages that target keywords (if you know which page targets which phrase(s) (or can guess), you can evaluate how those keywords are doing by monitoring "Landing pages" reports in Google Analytics)
  • Keep an eye on the anchor text that is sending traffic to your site (with tools like cognitiveSEO). Props to @kikolani on both the tips
  • Run AdWords campaigns (That's probably what Google is trying to tell us to do with the whole update)

Any other options that do not cost 10K per month?



Thanks for sharing this, Ann. I have some other posts saved related to this with the best being Rand's video:

I wrote a post for a client that compiled all the methods I found to date. As soon as he publishes it I'll share it here. 




Resources for dealing with "Not Provided"

Hi Ann, 

Here's the post where I researched and compiled the best info on what to do about "not provided":

There are many links in that post to what I felt were the most useful tips and solutions at the time I wrote it. (Probably about a week ago.) 


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