Adwords Budget Optimizer Launched

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Google AdWords Launches Budget Optimizer
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Google have launched a new Adwords Budget Optimizer tool to add the Adwords set, but will it help or hinder SEM's?

The Google Budget Optimizerâ„¢ campaign management tool automatically adjusts your keyword Max CPCs on your behalf. All you need to do is set a target budget, and the Budget Optimizer will actively seek out the most clicks possible within that budget.

The Budget Optimizer helps you reach your target spend every month without requiring a lot of work on your part. You can save time, eliminate the guesswork related to setting your CPCs, and enhance your return on investment.

As Aaron points out, Mikkel recently said that budgeting tools for Adwords hindered overall campaign performance, so one wonders if this tool will be usefull for professionals, or just another step in the self serve, make it simple, Adwords philosophy for the masses...


I'm waiting for the conversion optimiser

This just seems one step closer to the Bid Manager.
I'm expecting a large number of upset Agencies and bid management companies when this happens.
If this happened I don't know how I'd feel about letting Google write their own ticket but I'd give it a go, just like I'm going to do now with this Budget Optimizer


I am sure more small webmasters will use it but anyone with a bit of knowladge about AdWords would never turn over optimization to the company they are optimizing for. That is just, to me, completely silly to do. It's like asking the fox to watch the chickens!


Gary Stein has a cynical eye on this aswell...

So the cynic on my shoulder left shoulder clearly yells in my ear "Good for Google. They figured out a way to get all the money they can out of you." Really that's the functionality here, right? If you're budget is $100, but you only get $90 in clicks, Google's left $10 on the table. Most likely that would roll forward, but even still: if the same situation persisted, Google would get farther and farther with you each budget cycle. Telling Google your budget seems a little like showing the used car dealer your savings account balance.


> Telling Google your budget seems a little like showing the used car dealer your savings account balance.

I love that quote! So true, so true!


and the most clicks for a certain budget, would be the best clicks you could buy with
that budget, would they? hmm ;)

Optimising for conversions is different than optimising for clicks. Which one would you choose?

Interesting information though...

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