Google Patent's Popular Hand Gesture


The heart hand gesture has grown in popularity over the last few years. So much so that Google has now patented it! Apparently it will be used in conjunction with Google Glass to signal a "Like" of some kind.

According to the patent filing, that action would then transmit to a "head-mounted display" (presumably Google Glass, the company's Internet-connected spectacles), which could interpret the gesture, capture an image and then "carry out a particular action in response," like sharing the image via social media.

Isn't this weird? I mean doesn't it seem like they are going to far? Are they now going to start to patent popular sayings next???



Patents have gone way too far

Allowing anyone to patent what is already commonly used is outrageous. Patent law is out of control. The worst issue is Monsanto, DuPont, and others patenting life. They want to control the patents on everything we eat and probably think that they can then can control everyone on the planet. 

Google wants to own everything

Thats really not ok. How can you patent something thats so mainstream. Google doesn't own that gesture. This is just too much.

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