Yahoo helps Wikipedia, Crows about it on Blog

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Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia and Yahoo!
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Yahoo do a good thing by donating hardware and resources to Wikipedia, primarily in the form of an Asian datacenter, but they shoot themselves in the foot by crowing about it...

From time to time we've invited guest bloggers to write on the Yahoo! Search blog. Today we have a post from Jimmy Wales, president of the Wikimedia Foundation. We asked him to write a few words about our donation to the foundation and our efforts to better integrate Wikipedia content into Yahoo! Search worldwide.

Shame, if they'd done it quietly, or let Jimmy talk about it without prompting (or at least not on the Y! blog) it would have just looked so much...... cooler.

Added: Holy shit, i've just read the next entry, somebody get Jeremy back in there FAST...



Since when do you curse on this blog ?
In case you didn't know... A lot of impressionable minds read your blog.


I guess you dont' read here much mpamphile...

This is a website for adults, not children.


So...have Yahoo! donated resources, simply so that they can lever Wikipedia information into Yahoo!'s search results?

In which case, not at all a case of mere altruism, but an effective commercial partnership, to help Yahoo! compete against use of Microsoft's Encarta in MSN search?

That Guatemala thing...

...made me yawn - literally.

Will this BN'ing go on much longer?

Anyway - didn't Google also help the wiki boys&girls at one time?

thank god!

At least they were smart enough not to take up google on their original offer. Y! stole the march on them and I don't care how they talk about it as long as it frosts google. Not because of the money aspects but because it is difficult to trust them with any further concentration of data stores.

They were the end of deja when they acquired it. THEN, they went and changed to format from bad to worse.


And don't forget that not all articles on the Wikipedia have the neutrality - or attempt at neutrality - that some official release encyclopedias may have.

There are certain areas where a rampant political bias is being served, and I'm not so sure that it would be wise for Yahoo! to align with that to the degree of dumping information on the top of the SERPs.

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