Sony PSP Sales - $150M in 48hrs - Men Like Games...

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Sony's PSP has surpassed $150M in sales in just 48hrs, and on top of that little revelation, we find, much to our surprise, men like games. What a shocker...

The Nielsen Entertainment survey probed the habits of 1,500 people. It also unearthed the interesting factoids that Blacks and Hispanics spend more wedge each month on games than Whites and the average active gamer spends five hours a week playing alone, plus three hours a week in group or online gaming.

I must admit to loving games, particularly Americas Army but i rarely have time (not played once this year..), and i desperately want a PSP becuase they're just so... COOL!

Problem is, it's a question of priorities...



Some industry pundits have noted the fact that the PSP isn't selling anywhere near the numbers Sony had hoped, but honestly, the fact that a $250 or so entertainment unit that's aimed at adults rather than kids sold as well as it did should be considered a success.

Added to this is the fact that Nintendo has had such a monopoly on the handheld market for so long that a new competitor doing good numbers is a big sign indeed.

When you condsider that it's been shown that men spend more money on games than music and spend more time online than watching television, you have to wonder if advertisers will start to move more money away from television and radio and into websites and games.

I always buy stuff like that for my kids.

Just a thought :-)

Only a couple more months before your lil'un can press buttons and stuff. Get it now before you're too late - hehe. Good for the hand/eye coordination etc etc...

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