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What's up with Blogger
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A wired report looks at the traumas the average blogger faces when they use Google's Blogger service to publish their thoughts...

almost every time you tune into your favorite Blogger-hosted blog to catch up on the latest gossip, meme, political diatribe or cybersnark, you find that the site is frozen in time.

Apparently the users of this (free) service are not happy campers

.. enter "Blogger sucks" in Google and you get 720,000 results...

It can make for some pretty ugly reading. Imagine what they might say if they actually paid for the service?

Sometimes software glitches cause these outages. Other times it is a hardware hiccup. And when the service is just achingly slow? That's due to a lack of power -- "actual electricity

Be warned Google, bloggers have started blogging about the shortcomings of Blogger!

To be fair to Google, I only got 3920 results for "Blogger sucks". These stories never lose anything in the telling.



Results 1 - 10 of about 1,460,000 for Blogger sucks

That was without quote marks, though.

But we have nofollow...


Additionally, we have eliminated an automated spam problem which was negatively impacting publish success rates.

It is always easy to put the blame on someone else...

Blogger down

I couldn't agree more. Just last night I was thinking to myself what a crap site Blogger is. I run 4 blogs, the first of which began as a trial run using Blogger. Last night when I tried to login to make a simple weekly update, the site could not be found and when it did come up, I received intermittent errors about the page not containing any data, etc. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I'm moving this last Blogger blog over to a Wordpress installation which the rest of my blogs use. As you say, watch out if blogger's start passing the word on something.

Users suck :-)

The Blogger crowd crows because the service they get for free is unreliable. The MT crowd has a hissy fit when the service they pay for introduces new pricing and licensing. Hey - pick your poison. You'll never make everyone happy.

(And besides, Blogger has been a lot better in the past week or two. Now if only they'd figure out what the #$@$%# is wrong with Audioblogger.....)


Welcome to TW jpatrickm! Do introduce yourself..

This most likely has to do with power.

It's Free

Very interesting. I've noticed a few problems with updating, but no where near the amount of problems other users are experiencing. You could say, "you get what you pay for". For what it's worth, it's an amazing service...for FREE.

How does Blogger compare to other free blogging services?

I haven't really used Blogger or LiveJournal or any of the other free services very much. Some things I'm curious about:
1) Does Blogger have an order-of-magnitude greater number of users?
2) Do the other services have substantial downtime as well?

I'm curious to know how blogger compares to the other free services, and whether it's being criticized disproportionately because of (understandably) higher GoogleStandards.

I hate to sound like a bloggerlover

But I've never had any problems with it. It's dead simple and you can't customise it as much as some other programs, but you get what you pay for, right?

gift horses & greener grass

Even though it is true that I have often felt inclined to do my own (direct) version of a Blogger Sucks post, as I am entirely grateful for the service provided (this is not brown nosing either, just a simple fact) and also, most of the time, I know enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth (and, since it is free, I of course cannot ask for my money back [which is a modified version of something I say, with a smile on my face, on those rare occasions when someone complains about the free food offered at a soup kitchen, etc.]), I haven't posted this type of post as of yet and, while I make no promises, I doubt I ever will blog such; at least not in what seems to have become the usual form or manner employed by some bloggers (not that I am incapable of such, because anyone who knows me well enough, knows better; though, like anything else, if and how I proceed with anything can depend a lot on context, etc.).

Overall though and despite its many glitches and shortcomings -- particularly over the last two or three months or so, I still think Blogger is a good product -- especially when one considers that it is free as several others have already mentioned (i.e., free to use and, conversely, free not to use; if people do not like using a given product (e.g., such as Blogger) any longer for any reason, they can simply choose to vote with their feet and find a different blog provider -- whether it is some other free version or one provided for a price; in my case, I'll stick with using blogger -- at least until I can afford something different and, most importantly, something better that proves to be a vast improvement over the former product.

That said however, I have recently set up a free LiveJournal (here) for more personal type of blogging and journalizing too and so I will at least have that to blog with when Blogger is not working so well).

One last fact to mention is that if it had not been for being able to have access to the free service that Blogger has provided and (now, thanks to Google), also generously added much to their offerings, I would not have been able to blog as I have been able to do so far to date; not only because it has been freely available but due to its being somewhat more user friendly for someone like myself who is not very tech savvy and not knowing even the basics of html except for what little I have picked up and been able to very slowly learn from cheat sheets.

So even if I may be tempted to move on from using Blogger from time to time myself, I will probably remain loyal to using it for quite some time for a variety of reasons; including due to my also knowing that what can look like much greener grass from a far, often is not.

My apologies for being so windy and wordy my first time out on TW, however just consider this my intro of sorts.

Blogger problem with the page people use to report problems

Blogger Status:

This would be funny if it weren't frustrating some users. We've discovered a problem with the page people use to report problems. Just letting you know that we're fixing it now...

Let only them who's ever tried to build software complain

I wonder how many coders out there are complaining about Blogger? When you've gone 'round and 'round with code for years on end, you tend to be amazed, anything works at all...

I have to agree with those who say "free to use -- or not use". For a free service (that's made even more accessible by the Just Blog It Firefox extension), Blogger has my vote.

Let only them who's ever tried to build software complain

Sorry, doesn't work that way. I don't want to have to learn how to design an automobile to claim the right to complain if the automobile I decide to use has safety problems or performance issues.

You would expect that with a name like "Blogger" that blogware would be their area of expertise. If it isn't then they should rethink their model.

Now, the coders out there might have a different level of appreciation for the challenges of the task due to a better understanding, but that level of understanding shouldn't be a requirement for lodging a complaint. Always thought that was a copout.

You can't say something sucks unless you try to build one? C'mon.

Let the freeloaders shut their collective pie holes.

When you pay for something - you have a right to complain about service level agreements - BECAUSE YOU HAVE ONE.

When you use something for free - you get what you get, have a nice cup of stfu if you don't like it.

Blogger tends to be the largest groups of novice bloggers - hence they report more issues, problems, things broken or don't work right, when it's 99.9% pebkac (look it up if you need to).

I agree with the statement a few posts up - unless you're paying for the software or you can write something better and service a couple hundred thousand people for no charge - shut your cake eater/piehole/noise hole.

Go open your own and compete - don't complain that your free blog account isn't working... go use or build something better.

Funny thing about those "update issues" many times it due to caching serves on a customer's ISP (I used to work for one, they are a cheap way of making an oversold site work until more pipe can be laid for it) or their own browsers not checking for new content and just serving up the cached old page from the browser's temp files.

But does anyone ever post a follow up to a "Blogger sucks" post saying "Oh, I cleared my temp files and it works again... opps!" ?

not exactly

Whether it's free or not Blogger is promoted as a certain thing. Being free doesn't mean you can't complain about it. You don't pay e-bay to buy from them but you'd be pretty annoyed if your bids weren't placed.

The 'if you can't do better shut up' argument is a load of bull. User testing is a basic tenet of good programming and not being able to programme what happens onclick doesn't mean you're not capable of pressing a button and seeing it doesn't work.

I honestly don't know if Blogger sucks because I don't use it but if you launch a service like that then you have to have support, pebkac or otherwise. Why should some 12 year old setting up a blog have any knowledge of ISP caching? Have you never been frustrated trying to work out something you don't know about?

In my experience

The less customers pay the more they moan ;O)

The less customers pay the more they moan

Very true, and deeply dispiriting


and the more they're in the wrong the louder they shout


But hey, we're talking about bloggers, right? There's bound to be a nice collection of whiners in such a large community - LOL.

Perhaps Blogger left a few bugs in on purpose. Give the bloggers something to wh... erm blog about. Must say that's why I blog now and again - so that my family doesn't need to hear my rants :-]


I hope it's not as bad as some are suggesting. I just recommended it to a client.

FWIW, I know someone whose whole life is on LJ, and about once a week she complains about it crashing or refusing to publish.

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