Another Promise to Break... Google Is Testing Banner Ads for Navigational Queries

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Despite the title, I don't have too strong feelings against these experiments. Yes, it looks too commercial and yes, it's kind of going against Google's promises not to introduce banner ads to search (that promise is kinda old: Google has broken too many promises since then - who hasn't stopped wondering???) but if it's for navigational (branded) queries only, it will be up to each brand (together with Google Plus page snippet, that would be another way to control your branded SERPs)

I like reading comments at SEL article reporting that though! Go through the FAQ as well...

P.S. Despite the look, only the giant image is an ad: Sitelinks are organic


I am not sure if Ryan's

I am not sure if Ryan's comment is about this experiment but it definitely holds true here:

"It's amazing how every new change to the Google layout is the direct opposite of what they've told publishers NOT to do."

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