Bloggers Poisonous Cookies?

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The Blogger Meltdown Explained
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Blogger News Network (cannot say I had heard of them "Established February 13, 2005")reports on a big complaint that is often made by Blogger users that it sometimes "eats" their posts when they push the "Publish" button. Now help is at hand, or is it:-

Blogger devised a workaround solution (instead of fixing the problem). As you type away, your thoughts will be saved to a cookie on your hard disk BEFORE you hit the "Publish" button. Great Idea. Now you can get your "eaten" posts back.

Problem is though

... the cookies the new software saved to your hard disk turned out to be highly poisonous. The cookie told your browser not to recognize the Blogger site at all! If an evil hacker had set out to bring down Blogger, he could not have done a better job! So Blogger software became permanently inaccessible to all Blogger users with the poisonous cookie on their disks.

The writter of the article is not happy with his "improvement" and has had to purge all cookies to get back into Blogger.


They seem to be working on it

On signing in just now to Blogger, I see

A problem with the problem page is being fixed and the new recover post feature is offline for a bit while we make some adjustments.

I particularly like "A problem with the problem page"


I guess CTRL+A, CTRL+C, is too much to ask?

Blogging is simpler than webmastering

Blogging is not the ideal mode of communication, Anyone can do it without thinking, and this entire complain about post eating is one syndrome of it.

In the days of web based e-mails that took an hour to write saving copy paste was a good safety net. it seems that as computer illiterate people have started blogging they've never heard of something so simple.

I like the idea of blogging but the more I read blogs and see the material people add and the more I think that this will burn out, left for those who understand the medium. Not only is it free but it's almost easier than sending an e-mail

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