Google Now Indexes Mobile Applications and Displays Them In Mobile Search


Google announced yesterday that they are now able to index pages with in a mobile app and then display them with a coresponding site with in mobile search results. This is a big win for mobile app developers, but it is also a HUGE win for the Andriod platform. Think about it this way, what if you are on your iPhone, run a mobile search on Google, and there is a link that points to an amazing app that is only available for Andriod? Its sort of a subtle way of saying, you need to switch to Andriod to get the full search expierence. I would love to hear what some of the iOS developers think of this.

From the official blog post:

Just like it crawls and indexes websites, Googlebot can now index content in your Android app. Webmasters will be able to indicate which app content you'd like Google to index in the same way you do for webpages today — through your existing Sitemap file and through Webmaster Tools. If both the webpage and the app contents are successfully indexed, Google will then try to show deep links to your app straight in our search results when we think they’re relevant for the user’s query and if the user has the app installed. When users tap on these deep links, your app will launch and take them directly to the content they need. Here’s an example of a search for home listings in Mountain View:

[via @KevWhit8]