Google is still figuring out how to to suck you into Google Plus

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Wired has an interesting view on Google's attempts to set its social network on fire.

  • Google Hangouts -> broadcast television.
  • Google Plus images -> Online photo enhancement tool AND smart pattern recognition search engine

The approach seems to be that if Google can load Google+ with enough great features — live broadcasting, photo, and video this time around - the company can get you to turn over at least a part of yourself to its data-hungry hive mind

Such algorithmic sophistication is what makes Google Google. But its aggressive foray into photos also calls to mind another social network that has figured out a much simpler way to extract value from images.



But wait....there's more!

Let's not forget Google Helpouts rolling out this week: private Hangouts where experts can offer live, one-on-one help sessions for free or a fee. Google+ account required for both teachers and participants.


And now the introduction of Google+ comment integration with YouTube, requiring all YouTubers to have a G+ account (even if they still use their YT name) in order to post comments.

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