In Search of an Industrial Strength Email Client

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I need a new email client...
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TW member grnidone, posts over at SEW about ditching her old email client. Seems simple enough but when you spend a lot of time in email (as most of us do i suspect) it's damn important to have the right tool for the job.

I've been using Eudora for the Mac for years now, but I have decided I need a new email client. Since I have had really good luck with the FireFox browser, I was thinking that maybe Thunderbird may be the way to go.

Much recommendation of Opera's M2 client follows and i have to say that it does look tasty!

Im a linux guy, Gentoo to be specific and personally, my favorite client is MUTT - a hardcore text based client that has serious capabilities for email lists...


M2 Rocks

Really it does.

I have tried just about every e-mail client out there, and M2 beats them all for speed of access.

Forget folders - its a bit like Gmail - everything is indexed as it is received, making searches and filters almost instantaneous.

Only shortcoming is the spam filter, which is not as good as some of the others out there. I use a stand alone spam filter instead.

eudora for mac is actually very good

i have all my email from the beginning in eudora for mac. a very reliable database and quick to search. not the prettiest piece of software but if you make the toolbar either text only or get rid of it altogether it is a very austere and powerful email environment.

almost everything is configurable through a text file with x-settings.

i'm surprised that someone would want to move away - everything else comes and goes, eurdora remains rock solid.

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