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Well, i've been busy looking after Robyn today as Ivana took her advanced drivers course, the most i've been 'home alone' with the little one...

What a nightmare, i am never, ever going to give Ivana a hard time about ANYTHING ever again! heheh... 5hrs, and she was as good as gold, but man that's demanding...

Baby Donkey!

Good news for regular TW'ers - DG's baby donkey has finally arrived, you can check him/her? out here:

How fucking cute is THAT?

Congratulations DG :)

So, tell us...

So, tell us what you've been up to this weekend, or generally dribble on about whatever takes your fancy - you know the drill....


Most exciting thing I did this weekend...

...so far - is look at baby donkey pictures. You're right - that one looks very cute.

I'd trade one of my own little ones for one of those, but I'm afraid the wife will notice ;-]

It's A Jack!

Momma is doing fine, the little fella is less than a day old, born last night.I could hear momma raising a ruckus last night so I wasn't too surprised this morning when I saw the new pair of ears.

Should have another one in a month. Hopefully, the next one will be a jenny.


Working on websites. And working on websites. Watching it snow (10 inches since midnight, though it's quit now.) Trying to decide whether we're going to be able to haul the trailer to CO next week for a wedding (9000 feet - iffy weather maybe.) Trying to teach the person I developed the Access database for how to use it *sigh*. Trying to clean skunk off the dog....

That's enough to go on, I think.


For today...
1 - Took the new German Shepherd pump to obedience school
2 - Bought a lawnmower (a Honda Harmony II)
3 - Mowed lawn
4 - Washed truck
5 - Went shopping with family
6 - Panicked when I realized my wife's birthday is tomorrow
7 - Made lame excuse to go out alone - bought b-day gifts
8 - Had 2 families over for dinner
9 - Kicked the dog, beat the kids and put them all to bed.

Saw an early effort by Wong Kar-Wai last night -- Days of Being Wild. I think it's the first film he did with Christopher Doyle as DP.

Apart from that... work, and avoiding doing the laundry.


As our two computer, soon to be 3 family's official 'sysadmin' - at least in terms of getting the blame when stuff goes wrong :) I've been wiping Fedora from Ivana's pc today and putting Gentoo on it.

Much easier if we both use the same kind of system and although it's a long and tricky proceedure, it's really quite good fun doing a gentoo install as you really have to get your hands dirty and learn a lot about how linux works in the process..

So far, we have a working install, with no obvious problems (yet) and im now installing teh X-Windows system which takes hours to compile, but once done, it'll be lightning fast under the optimized athlon-xp settings and the latest nvidia drivers :)

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the news btw cornwall, i'll do some reading later and post some stuff i expect, but at the moment im just trying to get ivana's machine working by the end of the day.. we will see...

OK I did it.

I started a blog.

Now I get to experience the joys of c-list celebrity and comment spamming first hand.


Can we get a link?

There's more news than you would think out there!

Having just spent some time looking at AdSense revenue analysing tools, I am none the wiser as to which, if any are better than any other.

Feel free to contact me anyone with a recommendation.

And its a really lovely Spring day in Cornwall, the view from the "office" window is always nicer when the sun shines.

[img]http://www.utterbollocks.com/photos/balcony.jpg [/img]

Booze is gr8..

..but hangovers suck.

After a busy Friday Night gloomping I spent most of Saturday puffing and blowing nursing my hangover, whilst attempting to entertain my boy, who just wanted to do stuff, like go here, do this, do that, do something more and a little extra. So having listened to the cries of "Dad Im bored, dad Im bored" a zillion times we eventually agreed on a compromise, he watched what he liked, and I just vegged on the laptop pitying myself and re-inforcing my "thats the last time I drink Stella Artois mantra"

Sunday thus far is better; was out and about this morning hunting a new double bed but soon got down hearted when every place I visited had a 6 week waiting time! WTF is it with these places, havent they heard of stock! So, itsoff to IKEA after work tommorrow to just buy one off the shelf. Yep, IKEA rocks and has stock! Watched Jordan play football this afternoon, who incidently nearly scored a fab goal (hit the crossbar), the sun was shining, the other parents were alos full of good cheer and we won 6 -1 kicking Biggleswades arse.

Have just cooked a roast dinner for Jordan-no-gravy-I-hate-leeks-cauliflowers-greens-fusspot-watts and I, which was scoffed in like 2 minutes flat, all that effort and then its like..whoosh, gone.

As for the remainder of today, after returning said sprog to his mother later, I think ill chill out and watch Anchorman again.

Its a shame help has finished as this was a gr8 way to wind down a Sunday evening with a hoot or two. Maybe we can all email spam Mr whitehouse and co to make another series.

Don't count on that last bit.

I'm still waiting for another Mary Whitehouse Experience sequel. Re-runs if needed. But nope.


someone else who remembers the Mary WhiteHouse Experience? Brilliant brilliant comedy. The videos are now almost worn out.

Rob Newman didn't hurt the ratings either :)

Surf And Turf

Got too quiet, so we're having the neighbors over for steak, crab legs and shrimp. Probably turn up the tunes and pitch horseshoes. Yesterday we had quadrunner races, too lazy a day for that again.

>>no-gravy !?


Might be picking up three more horses. Guy down the road is selling, and his horses definitely look like they need better care. Currently, they're standing in mud and muck with no way out to the green stuff. I spent about an hour down there, the horses are gentle, but they all need saddle-trained. I've been teaching Rose's Tiara Girl to neck rein for the last few months and she's getting much better.

I'm out, too pretty to be inside today. Hope everyone has a good one.

speaking of little animals

- i went half way across the country yesterday for a birthday - three of the guests were little four week old lambs. Those were cute, even though they are destined to become chops in a few weeks more.

Apart from that, i'm still looking for some sort of blog/CMS software. I don't want to spend all that time hand coding pages - it's not that fun after all. The major point keeping me from just picking a blog is the chronological ordering - i don't want that. No user is ever going to navigate by date; I need sections, subjects and sub-topics, and perhaps tags as well.


Here he goes again, bangin' the drupal drum...

If you enable the path module in drupal, you can create url aliases for every page you publish if you want.

Whereas a normal page would be /node/123 you can turn that into /cat/subcat/keyword or keyword.html if you prefer and actually build a hierachy much like a static site with folders etc.

You'll need to make creative use of the categories, which allow for nested cats aswell as aliased ones, but an hour or two playing around and you'll be laughin'

These days, i wouldnt build a site by hand if you paid me, it's just too much work and not nearly scaleable enough - even a tiny project i'd use a cms on the basis that one day it might grow up :)

Drupal & Threadwatch


If you were starting Threadwatch knowing what you know now, would you still use Drupal? How easy was it to customise look n' feel? Would you do anything differently?


The only thing that really, really worried me was that they changed the way urls work from 4.4 to 4.5 (this site started at 4.5) from /node/view/123 to /node/123 - that's HUGE as im sure you know...

I was told by a dev, that i've sworn to murder on sight for the shit work he did here :) that this wasnt't 4.4 or 4.5, it was 4.nick

I've done a lot of customization, for a regular community site, or a simple CMS nothing much needs be done, but for a large(ish) community site for spamer er.. i mean seo's/marketers there was quite a lot of modding to do. you either have to be very comfortable with php or hire someone to do stuff on it.

Some things i've done..

  • Created a new content type, and modded the 'theme' to accomadate it. (that's where you see the 'source' of a story etc
  • Including the above, rewritten a theme especialy for TW
  • hacked the Trackback mod to ban certain domains, kw's and other stuff
  • hacked the user, comment, story mods for added security
  • hacked the profil mod to make user profile non-indexable - only way to get a nice link is to submit a nice story :)
  • prolly a few other things..

for basic site building, the only thing you need to mess with is the theme, and that's pretty simple and well documented but for this site i've done quite a bit..

I'd recommend it for simple 20-30 pagers to full on community sites. It's been used for several 'citizen journalism' project by newspapers and at least one major political campaign..

It really is a great cms..


Cheers Nick.

Will definitely give it a try. I’m not planning on allowing comments, just want a nice easy to use CMS.


I think you can even turn off the 'submitted by' info, if that's waht you're after Paul, if you need a hand, you know how to get me...

I Heard from the Little Guy Who Won a Domain Battle

There was a two-year-old domain and trademark dispute going around the blogs in late March, and I heard back from the guy who was at the centre of it. His site http://www.taubmansucks.com got 500,000 hits after Seth Godin, Boing Boing, Dan Gillmore and others posted about him. The owners of a shopping mall treated him like crap when they found out he had a fan site for the mall (I know, who creates a fan site for a shopping mall?). His web site follows the battle from the first nasty threatening letter to the final victory. His case helped prove that Sucks sites don't violate U.S. trademarks as long as they don't violate certain rules. He was stunned at the supportive coverage from bloggers.

URLs are important

Very much so. I will take this post and edit it to start a new thread, as i hope some of the readers here have experiences with URLs and CMS'es.

Mary Whitehouse Experience

Never saw it...I think I had one of those jobs which meant I was either working or sleeping.

Is it still funny today? Some of these things kinda lose their topical edge.

Mary Whitehouse was never that topical

and nor was the programme really :) Rob Newman's stuff is a milder Ben Elton so yeah that's lost a bit but infantile humour and "that's your mum that is" never dates.

What about:

"There is absolutely NO NEED for most bathroom* accidents to happen. [...crash...] Now, there was NO NEED for that to happen." :-] Killer.

* insert anything here really.


"he's dead.... he's dead.... he's dead...", "EAT SOME FOOD"

(with apologies to the rest of you, we only have 13 episodes to get through....)


groan ;-) If it ever makes it to dvd status, Ill check it out.


Apparently there's a couple of (VCR-quality) bootlegs of MWE and Newman&Baddiel to be found on Emule.

Alas no DVD. May be due to a copyright thing and the name Mary W. and all.


Yes I saw a little write up on that other mwe link you gave re:money and greed and stuff..

Will have a butchers in any case..cheers :)

We have it on video

luckily it was aired at some time when we'd have been out - so we recorded the lot :) I think it's the only thing we still have from (oh grief) 15 years ago that hasn't been replaced by a 'real' copy or binned.

So anyone who hasn't heard the Cure version of 'Tie me Kangaroo Down' needs to get out and find a copy somehow....


> so we recorded the lot

Could make some copies and flog your "Just helping-the-bbc-archives,-just-in-case-they- have-a-big-fire-or-something-your-honour-gor- bless-ya-guvnor-services" on ebay :)

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