Discussion rank is coming


Mark Traphagen shared some interesting thoughts on what Google's aggressive integration of Google Plus comments (Blogger and Youtube comments are now powered by Google Plus!) may mean to the whole web.

Is Discussion Rank is coming?

  • Discussions are now ranked (by obviously +1s, maybe something else: "Also in the mix are probably freshness , recency and velocity (how fast the discussion is currently building)...")
  • Discussion ranks are now personalized




A new area of authority importance

This opens up yet another area where having a high-authority Google+ profile with a large network will increase one's influence and reach. I expect that the comment threads of such persons will have a boost in Blogger and YouTube threads, making that person all the more visible in yet another important area of Google.

Rank Specialists Stepping Up

This is another venue for rank specialists out there to show their skill sets. Having them personalized could mean that these personnel should indulge themselves more with the way the minds of the public work. 

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