Yahoo! Images' Adult Content Problem

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Yahoo Images Adult Content
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If you do a search at Yahoo! Images for fairy innocuous terms such as woman, blog or beach, you'll most likely get decidedly adult images returned, even with safe search on...

As Philipp points out, you don't get this problem at Google Images, at least not with such alarming regularity.

The pics i saw really weren't offensive, nothing i'd mind a kid seeing particularly, but it does seem that some major work needs to be done if they're saying that those results are filtered for safe search..



- is that a problem now? Am i the only one thinking that a woman is a woman even if she has no clothes on? Or that a beach is a beach, even if it is used by naked people?

Try searching for "{insert adult phrase}" on Google image search OTOH - even with a quite explicit word you don't get what you search for - now that's a real problem. A search quality problem, even.

I just picked one of the top competitive adult words, but the word is really not that important, as you can pick almost any other one. The essence is that in this huge search "niche" (some even say "the most popular"), Yahoo delivers and Google does not.

Don't see the problem with Google

Claus is your Google safesearch enabled? I've just tested Google and everything looked good to me. The suprise to me is that Yahoo is having a problem with their safesearch. It appears that adult content is definitely sneaking through even when you turn on the Yahoo safesearch filter.

my bad, sorry

>> Claus is your Google safesearch enabled?

The cookie had been deleted, that was the reason. So, now i get perfectly fine "unsafe" results as expected.


mmm, but what should safe search return? I mean 'beach' admittedly returns some nudity but not (to me) offensive nudity. Blog returns what, a woman with quite a few clothes on in a semi-suggestive pose? Which bit makes it unsuitable for kids? (I agree it might be but I don't know what bit it makes it so)

Don't even look at the search for Bikini (horror). I'm not sure where the line is there but if anyone would care to define it between the 1st and 3rd pictures feel free.

And even with Google strict filtering on I can find words which return some definately unfiltered images, although yes it does better than Yahoo


I cant say that i find them particular probmatic either gurtie, but a lot of people would consider them 'not for children' i think....


Hehe. Hey Nick, from your post it would seem the problem is that you are searching for "fairy innocuous terms". ;)

sliding scales

personally I think advertising 'childsafe' anything is asking for trouble; where on the scale Presbitarian Minister > 60's Hippy do you draw the line at nudity? If you want to go for the proper 'safe' option in a global media we aren't talking about US standards we're talking about Qatar ones.

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