BBC to Launch Creative Archives

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BBC's Creative Archives To Launch This Week:
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The BBC are to finally launch a project started two years ago to release archived material to the masses along with Channel4 and the British Film Institute. The license is based on the Creative Commons and will allow people to download, mess around with, and republish provided it's non-commercial...

From the UK's Guardian

The BBC has plans to make some of its factual and learning content available, but exactly how much will be determined during an 18-month trial that begins on Wednesday with the launch of the new licence and website (

"It's true that antelopes don't have agents and so it makes sense to start with factual programmes," says Highfield. "But the intention of the pilot is to look at other areas as well, some audio content from BBC radio, local history, science and, of course, factual and learning. We will trial different packets of content, different genres, clips and full programmes as well, and see what audiences do with it. Will they just download it, or will they edit it up?"

The BBC plans to submit the new scheme to a public value test after the pilot concludes next year.

Fantastic stuff, i can't imagine wanting to do much else than watch it, but it looks like a great project...