Google Hummingbird in action (results for things instead of strings)?


Matt McGee shares a weird example of Google misinterpreting his search intent and showing football-related results instead of SEO-related results for [put down ranking reports] search...

AJ Kohn's comments

"So in this case, ‘ranking’ is interpreted more as an entity to do with sports, particularly just now after the weekend (there could be time context at play here as well.)"

In this case, Google shows results for "things instead of strings" (trying to break the phrase in words instead of searching for the sequence of input words)


Google Hummingbird

You really cannot expect these algorithms from Google to 100 percent accurate. There will always be something that will be compromised. It is good, though, that the company never stops improving its services for everyone. 

Not really such bad work by Hummingbird

At first I thought that it was just a #fail by Hummingbird to understand a long tail search. But the posts that @mattmcgee

 was searching for was from 2007. Meanwhile college football ranking reports are probably trending right now.

Also, the query terms [put down ranking reports] does little to help Hummingbird establish the context of SEO.

Bottom line, I think that the original 2007 post just timed out. The latest post, when Matt got the unexpected results, now outranks the football posts.

And actually, if Hummingbird is doing its job it probably shouldn't be quick to send people to a 2007 post on SEO, since it may contain outdated concepts.


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