Firefox Kills Cookie Alternatives

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Objection to Local Shared Objects, a new Firefox extension
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A new extension for Firefox called Objection, has been developed by Greg Yardley in response to the invention of PIE...

PIE is the Persistent Identification Element that uses Flash to store user data rather than the humble cookie. It was developed by United Virtualities after Jupiter Research published a contraversial study on cookie deletion that was later corroborated by Nielsen.

The Firefox extention allows users to delete PIE's just like cookies.

It was only a matter of time...


If they were smart...

...they didn't reveal every type of PIE they have developed. Just like a good baker wouldn't :-]

re: If they were smart...

If I understand correctly, PIE is just a method of using Flash local storage to store data... I say kill it all, at the end of a browser session, and it's all cool :)


Invention? Hardly. Certainly not new enough idea to give it italics ;O)


That's why it has italics :) It denotes a note of skepticism, or at least that was my intention...

Oh right

In that case I would have said "invention" but I get it now :O)

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