Google is Astroturfing to Sway Public Perception.


This is very interesting! 

Also, from the description of the above video:

Note: Some users have pointed out that the top comment that was discussed in the video came from a user whose real name matches that of a person working at Google Marketing according to LinkedIn while the way the user behaves in comments on YouTube and Reddit is as if he is a normal user who happens to love Google+. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think Google is astroturfing??


I'm not sure I saw any proof

I'm not sure I saw any proof in that video. So the view counts aren't accurate--that's something we've known not to trust already.

what about the

positive reviews being pushed to the top?

this guy's own video has the

this guy's own video has the newest comments at the top when i sort by "top comments" or "newest first"

Astroturfing Google

I think everyone should be guilty about astroturfing. Google is just easier to bust because it is a bigger company. More eyes are on it.Also, no matter how hard they deny, it will no longer matter. Having them  in question is already enough for the public. 

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