Top Paying Adsense Keyword List

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Small plastic trumpet awarded to the first person to write a scaper to get hold of this little lot No idea how that works out in terms of accuracy, but as a general list it doesn't look too bad...


is that for real?

is there a real hairy person problem in Washington DC?


Just did a quick check of several phrases and the figures seem to match what Google estimates, even for all the hairy ones! one or two were way off - for "egg credit card" G estimates $5 not $20


[url=http://W W]Scraped[/url]

is there a real hairy person problem in Washington DC?

Seems to be general hair issues; I'm surprised Bigfoot doesn't get a mention.

Also, most legal defense stuff is on the west coast, personal injury toward the east.

Maybe Bigfoot commutes to beat up on people, stopping in Washington for some laser hair removal?

These Numbers Are Wrong

I did a check on these and I don't know how they got them but whatever program it was the thing is buggy. I did not see the huge bid for Yahoo domains... hey over at Overture the max bid was 21 cents for that terms..... I think the money is in finding the real ones of these and working AdSense on pages for them and then buying the traffic from Overture.... nice mark ups.... 21 cents a click even at 100 to 1 conversion you are making $69 a conversion!!!!!

don't know about " a scaper"

... but i guess you're not interested in an auto-updating Excel spreadsheet with the lot, as you're on Linux *lol*

If anybody would like to get a copy just send me a message.

Added: It's Excel 2003 (or XL11) but i think it will run in older versions as well. Now i just need to make the spreadsheet fetch a few feeds and build some html-pages, but then i might have to charge a few bucks for it *lol*

Best Paying Adsense Keyword List

Personally, I like how the Adsense banner on the page has Mesothelioma and Lemon law ads on it.

I don't know...

I'm not sure how accurate the list is, but it was a great way to get content to attract Mesothelioma and lemon law Adsense ads.

if nothing else...

If nothing else, it is very nice to see my top targets are NOT on this list. Secure for at least one more day :-)

What a waste of time

This is one of the worst 'top paying' lists ever.

If anyone wants to pay me $50/click for 'yahoo domain' traffic (remember, you'll get $97 per click for the traffic out ;) ) - I'll do it all day long...

I won't go on my usual "if you make a website after reading that list you're an AdSense spammer" rant...but I'll be thinking it.


my Washington Yeti site was shaping up nicely......

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