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Aaron points out a couple of audio bits that may make you smile on a Tuesday morning. First up, WeBuildPages Theme Tune - That's way, way too funny...

And, Aaron interviewed by John Jantsch which is slightly marred by the fact that John keeps interupting Aaron, and consequently it becomes a little irritating after a while. If you ever wondered what seobook sounded like though, now's yer chance...



that song calls for an immediate google ban. Their savior may be that you've already banned GG. ;-)


I thought John did a good job. Of course my recording is nowhere near as cool as Jim's hehehe


I'm nearly speechless. I hope my fee didn't go towards producing that :)


And here I thought we had an original idea. We have been recording our version of the "ten link commandments" based on the Notorius B.I.G's "ten crack commandments" for about a week now. If that isnt an "Idea Virus" I dont know what is.

Oh well, I guess we'll still release it, it will still be fun and a bit educational at the same time.


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