$10,000 Reward for Original Moore's Law Text

Story Text:

Intel have mislaid their original copy of Gordon Moores famous forecast that computer chip performance would double every year or two. The forecast originally appeared in the April 19, 1965, issue of Electronics, but Moore lent his copy to a friend who didn't return it and Intel are now offering $10,000 for an original mint copy, so get rummaging through your attics now...

"We're kind of hopeful that it will start a bit of a scavenger hunt for the engineering community of Silicon Valley, and hopefully somebody has it tucked away in a box in the corner of their garage," High said. "We think it's an important piece of history, and we'd love to have an original copy."

The Intel posting can be found on eBay's "want it now" Web site, http://pages.ebay.com/wantitnow/.

ADDED: This was originally a reuters story, but as they make it pretty much impossible to link to them, we can't give you a link. The web is full of fuckwits. ~ Nick



strange - the story's gone from Reuters.

The actual ebay ad is here though.


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