Google Calls my Site Stupid


There's a fun thread going on Google's products forum: "Google replaced my site-name on index titles with "STUPID", literally. Help please."

Looking at the guy's SITE: search results and going through each page Cache, I see each and every page have the correct "Stupic" word saved.

So why is Google insisting on a more familiar word? Will it be easy to fix?

We'll see but I have a suspicion the guy will have a continuous trouble with that brand name (Stupic) with the current "We know better" policy of Google. Months and probably years of hard work will pass until Google is convinced it's not a misspelling...


Turns out later on in the

Turns out later on in the thread someone points out that the Wayback machine shows that at one point the site actually did have the word "stupid" in title tags. Oops. 

Yeah I read up to that part.

Yeah I read up to that part. It still seems weird as Google doesn't have "stupid" anywhere in the cache, so they did update the site records since then!

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