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Cheap Keywords for Google AdWords
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From the good people that bought you CashKeywords comes CheapKeywords, a directory of low end adwords keywords, covering over 7,000 topics...

The best bit is, they're absolutely free! Check out this example for accounting, nice eh?

All we need now Roxanne, is a csv file attached to each page, so we can hoover them up a little easier :)



Thanks for the heads up Nick.


perhaps it's a "built for adsense" site

Most tops bids are 0.5c

Nick, you're fast

The ink is barely dry on the site since this morning, and I read about it here ;^) As you can imagine, we have quite a bit of data from Cash Keywords, but we do not list results under 25 cents a click. It's supposed to be top bids, so we thought about what can we do with the 25 cents and under bids we have besides toss them.

It seemed a natural result to flip the idea around and create Cheap Keywords. My partner Steve and I both use Adwords and having a source of low cost bids is something Adwords advertisers would be interested in.

Now _why_ do people associate us with wanting to make more money with Adsense ;^) You know, we could have created a report site for a fee again or a membership site, but we liked the idea of something for free and trying out Adsense as well as advertisers this go around.

I like the mental picture of a hoover sucking up files, so I will say that if we decide to provide CSVs of our keyword info, we will use a Hoover Vac icon instead of "download here." In our house, though, we vac with a purple and red Dyson.

Thanks Nick!

fantomTip Cheap Keywords For Free

Pointing to what context advertisers what they can use the most: plenty of well researched information on what to actually bid for. And it's 100% free, too....

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