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I was reading the thread about DG's new "mini" from Google, and the ads that were shown to me were relevant to Hispanic Marketing. There was nothing on the page that would've been relevant to Hispanic Marketing...

However, I often visit websites related to this topic. Now Google is serving ads tailored to me according to my surfing habits.

I've not seen this before personally. Scary but good.



What country are you in 2much, i get danish adsense on sites all the time, cos i is in denmark :)

If you're in the states, then there really isn't anything in that post to warrant adsense for hispanic marketing is there? Although im getting mobile mktg and multi-cultural mktg - i do look at a lot of mobile stuff, though maybe it's taking it's cue from the nav links?

Questions for you...

Do you have a static IP?
Do you use the toolbar?


I see marketing & public relations ads on that thread too, so it could be a geotargeting issue with hispanic companies targeting your area by state or city with general marketing keywords. I see a lot of marketing and SEO ads here, it seems to be feeding of a lot of the navigation terms (in part because they probably pay more than the actual topic of the entry).


I see hispanic marketing too. Are you using a spanish OS? Outside of the US? Could be something tied to either of those.

Algo, Mini, Donkeys, Tenessee

... and perhaps large plumes of smoke. In a box. I see the same thing - i guess it's just a weird keyword filter.

Lets see if algo smoking Tennessee mini donkeys is enough to get some hispanic ads shown here *lol*

The words "algo" and "mini" are sort of related to the latino audience, "donkeys" perhaps also if we stretch it - i don't know about Tennessee.

Large Hispanic Population

living in Tennessee. Also a few "mini donkey" farms here, Half Ass Acres being one of them. West of the Mississippi they call the donkeys burros though. In this case, the only thing I think is relevant is the "smoking algo" bit. Seems a bit fried.

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