Yahoo! Gives Free Sites to Small Businesses

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Got 5 Minutes? We'll Give You The Web...
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Yahoo! are offering a free, five page website, to all small businesses in the US. The site will be included in Yahoo! Local, and be crawlable by other engines...

Turns out that over half of the small businesses in the U.S. aren’t yet online. We’ve been working with small businesses over the last several years to help make it easier to get online by offering services like domain names, hosting, and e-commerce stores. We thought we’d kick it up a notch and eliminate the effort and expense altogether. We are now offering a free business web site to every small business in the U.S. through Yahoo! Local. Yes, that’s every small business in the U.S.

Chris Sherman has an extended write up for Searchday that gives more detail. Sites can include:

  • Name, logo, text and links to other sites
  • Contact information including address, phone, fax, web site and email addresses
  • Service information such as hours of operation, accepted payment methods, services offered, and brands or products available for sale

Smart move, now if only they could sort out their PR agency, who are supposed to send me stuff like this, but when they do bother to remember, it's generally at least 24hrs late.



Will Yahoo Be Providing Free SEO Business Referrals next?

Just wondering....If everyone gets a website, there are only so many top 10 positions and believe me these small business owners will figure that out soon enough. They may not appreciate just being in Yahoo! Local unless that becomes a hotbed of Internet Traffic sometime soon. I must say this idea sounds more like the competition than Yahoo! who were always prick-ly about getting into their directory and took your money whether your site got accepted by their editors or not - no refunds period.

Just being facetious.....

I wasn't serious in my previous post (need a wink in there somewhere apparently, re-read while rolling eyes). I find it ironic that Yahoo! is now trying to market themselves as "the good guy" for small business (and I don't believe the other guys either). What's next, small business matchmaking perhaps ;^) ?

I _never_ submitted a client's site to Yahoo's paid directory(when it was a good idea to do so)unless I was absolutely confident it would get accepted, and I made no promises to the client that they wouldn't get turned down and the money taken either.

Yahoo! Making things easier for small business?? Uh, right....

oh so smart

so many ways to make money, so little effort.

competing with cookie-cutter 5 page sites

I have been seeing 5 page "Godaddy website 2 night" sites competitively ranking lately. They are not your average franchisee-home-made-webpages but they are quick and cheap. I guess the blogging experience has some pro SEOs leaving their hand-crafted traditions for the COTS opportunity (Commercial Off The Shelf)

threatens Brytesite business model?

A comment on the Yahoo site from an anonymous poster suggests Bryght's business model is already in trouble. They offer Drupal-based sites to small businesses. Perhaps most interesting is this clip from their own page about how to make a brochure website in 10 minutes...

"The good news is that your Bryght site is search engine optimised and is a Web 2.0 site out of the box. SEO and Web 2.0 are competitive advantages that together mean that your site will have a higher search engine rank than a non SEO, Web 2.0 site. Yes, that's right, your site has a competitive advantage over all the sites on the web that are non SEO and not Web 2.0 sites; in other words your site has competitive advantage over most sites out there!"

I'm not sure what an "SEO Web 2.0 site" is by their definition, but isn't it the same game? Sell to ignorance... either SMB owners who don't know what "SEO" or "Web 2.0" is or what "competitive" means, or SMB owners who don't know how valuable all their personal marketing information is to Yahoo!


Another nail in the coffin for Yellow Pages.

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