Adsense Developing Fully Customizable Ads Blocks?

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Adsense Developing Fully Customizable Ads Blocks?
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Darren Rowse at ProBlogger says that Google Adsense are testing new ad formats to allow publishers to have greater control over how many ads are shown and what the overall size of the ad block is.

He says that Adsense are testing a system where by the publisher not only chooses from a number of prescribed ad formats but where they themselves are able to determine the ad format size and the number of ads to be shown in this space.


That's Nice

But what I really need is unlimited channels. Hopefully, that will happen soon.


Add unlimited filter to that list.

Getting *tired* of filtering hotel / ebay affiliates.

Nothing new...

They have been testing various ad unit sizes for quite some time now. Most people don't recognize them as being AdSense on first (or even second or third) glance, some of them are quite unique.

regex filter

It would be nice to have a good regex filter.


An 800x600 ad unit!

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