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Scientific Conference Falls for Gibberish Prank
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Three Massachusetts Institute of Technology students wrote a computer program to generate research papers consisting of gibberish. They then submitted it and it was successfully accepted at a scientific conference.

The students are now accepting donations so they can attend the conference in Florida. Instead of donations I wonder how much they would be willing to sell me that script :)



- you can buy scripts like that that generate web sites in stead of research papers, only it's not gibberish.

(no, it's not Jasons i'm thinking about :-)


fantom has been doing that for years. :)


It is many years ago that IBM presented a computer they trained to write short novels - the "cheap" kinds you find in weekly magazines. They then let it write a bunch of them, took a similar number of real magazines and had a group of litterary experts try and find out which ones was made by the computer and which ones was written by real writers. They could not tell!


Imagine using this program to come up with bogus search engine algorithm research papers. You could flood Google scholar with this fake information. Then just sit back and watch as people swear that Google is using new tchnology which ranks sites according to background color because they read about it in your fake research paper :).


Talk about a bunch of gibberish, try deciphering the WMSCI rejection letter.

It reads like they used Jason's tool to write it.

markov chains for livejournal...

is kinda interesting...

aren't there people using the children of ELIZA to do customer support thingies on websites?


I recently found this php nonsense script which is worth checking out.

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