Google Patent's Software to Control Your Social Media


It appears Google is now looking at taking all that data they have on you and using it to inform the updates / actions of some kind of social meda automation spam software with one of it's recent patents from 2011...

The software would first learn your voice by studying all of your social media accounts, then it would automatically suggest updates and replies it can make for future posts. The aim is for the bot to learn how you tweet and Facebook so it can gradually manage that for you —  effectively outsourcing how you digitally socialize.

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I'm all about productivity hacks but there is definitely a line, especially when it comes to automation. Generally speaking automation and social media should not exist within the same sentence, at least in my honest opinion. What do you think about this patent and how do you think Google will use this technology? I assume what they would be able to provide would be far more sophisticated than your standard issue Yahoo Pipes / Twitterfeed bot.