First Annual SEO Backyard Bash @ DG's Place

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DigitalGhost has announced the First Annual Backyard Bash for the 20-21 August 2005 in Prospect, Tennessee. Drinks, SEO and er.. donkeys...

When - August 20-21st, Noon to 2:30 A.M Each Day
Where - Prospect, Tennessee (details by email)
What - It’s a Party! Food, drinks, beer, tents, music and fun. (not to mention horses, hay, and the huge party in the pasture)
Why - To relax and have a good time.

I wanna go, i want to see the baby donkey! but man, it's a long swim from Denmark :)



I'm always inspired by the optimism it implies when someone promotes the "first annual" something-or-other!

Sounds like fun.


I think it maybe a relaunch buckworks, im sure DG did this a few years ago....?

Notorious 4th

I've had 4th of July parties for the last 5 years that were, umm, well, booming. Literally. Lots of gunpowder, a cannon and many other things that went boom. 4th of July is usuall reserved for family though, so its hard for SEOs to attend. I know I can swing one party a year, hence the optimism. ;)

No tracks, no lectures, no slides or PPTs. This one is about having some fun in the sun. (weather willing of course, or it will turn into a water event, have you seen my pasture when it rains?)

By the way, all of ya are invited. (note to self - gotta improve on this party planning stuff)

Dang it...

Would love to go, but we have a Pai Gow tournament the same dang weekend in Vegas. Since, I'm a degenerate gambler and tournaments mean free gambling - I'll have to miss it. But, a girl can always look forward to next year ;).


Damn DG, that was the tipping point for me. Would love to go to Tennesee - never been there and certainly never in good company and with donkeys.

Unfortunatly, with all the travelling this spring/summer and too much business to take care of, I probably can't make it. Ya'll have a great time though :)

What About GoCart Races?

Tip it a little more? j/k I know that making it to every event is impossible. This is more of a "thankyou" party than anything else. No one gets anywhere in this industry alone.

Door's open though, anytime, for anyone that can't make the party. Miss ya on the third turn on the oval... ;)


you are just gonna keep taunting and tipping the pot til we change plans ain't ya? ;)

Well, yeah. ;)

Got some good poker players down here, and some more showing up special. Shoot, we can bet on horse races. Only thing missing is recycled air and plastic. It's real green here. Blue skies. Fresh air... ;)

drinking, donkeys & a little seo, what could be better?

this is the only interesting thing regarding seo I've heard in over a year and a half! note to self: email and post comments to DG's blog so I can go next year!

Rearranging Rae's

Maybe if you say you are accepting tips for pot then the attendance will boom!


DG is rescheduling for mid-October...

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