Adobe gets Flash, Shockwave and more

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Adobe buy Macromedia
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Adobe have just bought Macromedia. Will this change the way the web works?
Will this be the definitive site making software company?

SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 18, 2005 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion.


About Adobe

There was quite a good background about Adobe in The Economist this week interviewing the Abobe CEO, Chizen.

“This can easily become a $5 billion-a-year company,” says Mr Chizen. (Adobe is now barely a $2 billion-a-year company.) Failing that, it can at least, once again, change society.


Use Flash plugin to read PDF? More multimedia PDFs? (believe you can do some MM in PDF now just nobody ever does!)..


"AdobeMedia - the company that makes annoying stuff"


Use Flash plugin to read PDF?

I'm fairly certain there's an extension / third-party generator that does this already. I'll have to try and locate it later. Its cumbersome though, like everything PDF/Flash related :o)

Oh No

The best part about Macromedia is that we had an alternative to the bulky Adobe products. Will Adobe seriously utilize Macromedia's software to make the web a better place? I'm unsure. This was not good news in my opinion.

holy hell... took them a long time, but they finally bought Aldus completely... hehe.

I'll go along with it, as long as they don't kill FreeHand. Please don't kill FreeHand. I need and alternative to Illustrator. I hate Illustrator. Is Adobe going to be reading this? I'll get on my knees and beg...


It will definitely hamper competition in the graphics market. Not sure I'm in favour either - competition and alternatives are a good thing.


This sucks ass. Dreamweaver is going to cost a fortune now. They'll probably screw flash up. And if they get rid of fireworks I'll really be pissed cause PS blows when it comes to web projects.



who’s going to predict the outcome on this one?

My stab… all the top bods @MM leave, any innovation stops and within 3 years the MM prod range is dead.

Herr Nielsen is called back in to sort out the Adobe “presense” and kills off Adobe in the process – leaving ms$ clear winners, by default.

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