Google Does UK Maps, Yell Powers Local

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Google UK Maps
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Considering Google bought Keyhole, it won't be long before we'll be
viewing satellite images like these - of the UK countryside...

Added: The Local Search side of this is
" class="bb-url" target="_blank">powered by Yell



Nice find PJY. I love I used it extensively when planning my last USA trip. I didn't realise they now had UK map. Cool.


The Uk map at keyhole has ALOT to be desired.. Not many areas covered and the ones that are covered it's not very good resolution so dont expect a google uk satellite maps soon!

top find

cheers, this rocks


perhaps they should use another service? - I suspect every square inch of the UK has been arial photo'd in the past 12 months, they come around trying to sell you the results enough.



It is doing directions as well although it sure seems "weird" to say the least. I wouldn't go this route to go to the Stansted meeting but makes more sense although isn't perfect.

Looks good overall, though personally I'll stick to TomTom and a good old fashioned paper based A-Z!


Hey Gurtie.

Are Get Mapping spamming (terribly I admit) at the bottom of their pages?


oh yeah, I was just looking at the pretty pictures :)

Google Local

Google local is apparently powered by Yell a friend of mine tells me...

brilliant idea with the maps

Criminals must be rubbing their hands with joy knowing they can now see all around the properties they want to rob, brilliant idea with the maps, absolutely brilliant....

oh come now

most criminals won't need to resort to Google to suss out the property.

That said the guy who came to our neighbours claiming to be from the gas board but with a water company ID clearly needed some help. Especially since he was asking about noise from dogs the neighbours may keep for an environmental nuisance survey he was conducting. (really, I'm not kidding)

hitech criminals

I dare say your right but a birds eye view of surrounding gardens will certainly help especially when that same criminal can download it to a handheld while stood in your neighbours garden

Piss up in a brewery

The UK maps/Yell data will certainly help with pub crawl navigation. Goodbye aimless wandering, hello military precision. :)

crawling into pubs

Yeah jetboy and it will also help you locate your local town AA meeting to help assist you with your problem :)


"it will also help you locate your local town AA meeting"

No. I used to have a drink problem, but now I can afford it. :)

It's impressive!

Wow, I am amazed I can now really find the closest pizza shop to my house using the internet, at last an application which has some meaning!

But seriously, this is amazing, it's certainly works brilliantly for our local area, even bringing up businesses that don't have websites.

Much as I hate to say it, Google look like they have excelled here. I guess it could be a kick in the teeth for some local web designers - Some people will think that they don't need a website with technology like this around.

This is gonna be especially useful if you move to a new area and need a new drug dealer then if you get hungry you can always order a pizza or if you prefer an indian takeaway.

Daft examples I know but this is really cool!

You can search using postcode, or street addresses and select distance ranges, then get directions - WOW!

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