Rap Genius Gets Spanked By Google


As many of you know by now, Rap Genius was recently penalized by Google for link schemes. Orignially outed by John Marbach on his blog Monday of this week, articles have been popping up on the NYTimes, LA Times, Forbes, Tech Crunch and other mainstream media outlets over the last few days.

After further review of the outreach tactics employed by Mahbod Moghadam for his "Rap Genius Blog Affiliate" promotion on the Rap Genius facebook page, it is obvious by the anchor text (and multiple links) why Google spanked them. Still, one has to wonder how far this will go. WIll all forms of outreach involving the request of a link of any kind soon come under question?

Even if Rap Genius is penalized in the short term, the auhtortive links and social media activity they are generating from all the recent press should give them a boost in the long term. Was this whole thing potentially staged to do just that? Probably not, but if it was, I wouldn't be all that surprised. What is your take?