We need to stop thinking of Google as a search engine, full stop


iamlost posted a great thread at cre8asiteforums titled "Hold The Angst And Adapt" talking about how website owners refuse to adapt to Google's evolution (and prefer to spread angst instead):

Google is an ad network on top of  a variety of proprietary search and curation entities.

Google is an information broker.

Google is a competitor.

It's time to get over it and start adapting!

There's another thread at SEOchat discussing a similar topic: "Google SERPs Are Going Away Soon"


It's the old "Bait and Switch" technique. ...

I wholeheartedly agree.  For so long, Google has pumped out the virtuous message that they aim to deliver information.  Without any public declaration that their mission has now changed, they display their advertising wares as if they're search results.  It's shameful performance from an entity that used to proclaim that they Do No Evil. 

I've been warning about Google's evil for SIX YEARS!

Google has always been evil.  It just has to be really blatant before most people believe it. Hiding products in product search. Distribution fraud in AdWords. Hard to adapt if a corporation buys one of your competitors and you disappear from the serps. We need an independent search engine we can promote to the masses to reduce their monopoly. 

I am not agree with your post

I am not agree with your post because google provide us an opporunity to be the best and top ranked search engine. We can consider it as the most important part in SEO of our website same like cheap parking luton.

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