Facebook - Hacked (to death)

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As always be careful what you say on facebook!

The old Bailey UK (court) today heard how a man was tracked using facebook and hacked to death with a axe!

SUTTON, SLOUGH A father-to-be was hacked to death in a carefully-planned revenge attack after his movements were tracked using Facebook, the Old Bailey heard. Danny Gough, 24, was cut down with an axe and a machete by three masked men in front of his pregnant fiance as part of a vicious feud, it is claimed. He had just been on a weekend trip to Brighton but announced his return home to Croydon on his Facebook account, jurors were told. One of the alleged killers, Sam Monteith, 32, accessed the page using his laptop just hours before the murder.

Source: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/newsgallery/?public_id=35453


Facebook - Hacked (to death)

I like the sound of it...

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