Syndication Marketing - The RSS/Atom Train is Building up Speed....

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Questions of Google and RSS etc
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The syndication bandwagon is gaining momentum among search marketers and engines alike, this WPW thread is an absolute cracker, im sure we're going to all be rather sick of RSS questions before too long but for now they're fresh, inovative and rather exciting for SEO/SEMs and hobby webmasters both.

dr-tourist asks some simple questions about search engines and syndication feeds. The man has a plan but, is unsure of some of the technical details. The posts that follow are great, full of links, advice, commentary and general discussion of the pros, cons, and implementation methods available for syndication marketing in general.

Here's a couple of quotes to whet your appetite:


I've never worried much about Yahoo rankings, concentrating on Google, but when I added an Add To My Yahoo (Yahoo accounts have RSS import options) button then Yahoo has become an unexpected source for a lot more visits.

I'd say RSS now accounts for most of my return visits - when I publish a new item, visits increase markedly. As a result I dished my newsletter subscription service for RSS, and most subscribers are even happier - they only want to know...WHAT IS NEW.


Don't think for a moment that the PhD's at Google are not interested in semantic content (such as RSS) for the purpose of establishing relevance or meaning. In fact, XML formats are likely to become *more* important in the future as crawlers and indexers attempt to derive the meaning of Web content.

There's also a fair amount of negative opinion and a smidgeon of what im sure will become the next "build a great site" mantra from the whingers, i hope you'll forgive me giving this a very positive slant heheh! Im rather keen on this whole idea ;-) and have seen major benefits myself from's own feed