Yahoo's RSS Links for Sites in Search Results

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Like graywolf below, I don't see this mentioned anywhere today, but Yahoo have added an "view as XML" link to sites with a feed. Also an "add to" link that i've not personally noticed before. Not sure if it's new, but it's certainly very cool...

Nice! ~ Nick


Maybe this has been mentioned before and I missed it but if you do a search for "" you'll see the line "RSS: View as XML" which I don't remeber seeing until today. I also have "add to myYahoo" as well.

If nobody else sees this let me know I'll put upa screen shot.



I think they have had that for a while. Can't really see a cache of search results, but I have seen at least the rss part for my site I think for like a month now or something. Time kinda blurs when you are at the computer all the time though.

New? No.

It's been there for over a year now.


hehe, i did try to buzz tim, but couldnt get him

funny how these things slip you by, cos i dint notice it either...

So when are we going to get RSS for the SERPS Jeremy?


What is new though, and i just got it confirmed is the RSS feeds for individual SERPS - you'll see it makes the orange RSS button light up in Firefox on SERPS pages right?

Apparently that launched a few weeks back - they really need to get a raw link to the RSS feed though - it's great having it, but if you want to grab the raw url for pasting into a reader, it's a pain in the arse...

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