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URL Trends - Cool Domain Tracking Tool
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Aaron tells us about URLTrends, a tool that tracks how a domain performs over time...

URL Trends is a free tool from Joel Strellner which tracks how a domain does over time. Each month it tracks Alexa ranking, Yahoo! backlinks, MSN backlinks, & Google backlinks. The tool also compares the site to Google search results and keywords in the WordTracker database to determine if the site has top Google rankings for any common terms.


It looks good...

...and it works well. A month is a long period - however. I'm glad I started tracking in January - LOL - only four dots in my graph.

And of course the Google results suffer from the occasional DC glitch. It would be useful if it took the average score (number of backlinks for instance) from a large sample of DCs.

not for me

It doesn't like my most important site. Says I should upgrade the hosting for a faster site.
All my other sites on that host apparently load fine, though, and it looks like it loads fine.
I should probably email the dude...


That's odd. I just checked (yours) and although the site loads fine (within 2 seconds - I've seen much worse - eheh) urltrends coughs up an error. Maybe it thought your green clashes with its orange - LOL. You're not cloaking or anything, now are you?

(side note: Lea, where'd you get the Dutch name?)


yeah, its odd because its snaps straight back with the rejection - its got to be something other than time, because it rejects it faster than it loads the successes - no, I'm not doing any cloaking there. Ohh... i am rejecting a bunch of agents in the .htaccess. I wonder if that is to blame? Well, that I can test!

(and that cute husband of mine is to blame for the name :) Well, I could just say 'the netherlands' ;))

{clashing colours... snicker}


Nope, allowing any agent through made no difference.
Ah, well...

Barfs on one of mine too

The tool barfs on one of my sites. It's hosted on another webhost than the others. I wonder if that's significant?

It says the site is too slow, but that's not true. The coding is also fairly similar to that of another site.

Yep, I tested a friend's site that I know is on the same server and webhost. Same problem there.

BTW, the tool's data:
Referer -
user agent - Snappy/1.1 ( )
IP address:

told him

I've emailled the author to let him know.
No idea if he is interested in correcting whatever the cause is, but i've done the right thing ;)

robots.txt Problem?

I had the same problem, but when I deleted my robots.txt file it worked.

My robots file is set to the default:

User-agent: *

Maybe I will just use a blank robots file from now on.


Could it be that Snappy doesn't really get the Disallow: (=disallow nothing) line, which IS valid BTW.

If so, then that's a good tip pixelshepherd :-)


not sure what happened to the commentary here but I got a reply from Joel - he has a bug in the robots.txt reader which he has fixed and now it works for my site :)
(Ann Elizabeth, yours will probably work too)


Nah, it isn't working. Looks like it may have to do with that server, or the datacenter (HopOne).

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